10 Famous TV Showrunners’ Biggest Regrets

Ron Moore, Battlestar Galactica

In the 2009 Coilhouse interview delightfully entitled “Mindfrak! Ron Moore Explains Himself,” the show’s much venerated (re)creator said:

“I think Lee and Dualla’s relationship was rushed. We didn’t really develop that relationship in a satisfying way. I think that I didn’t get a clear handle on Lee Adama’s character early enough. I kind of zigged and zagged and tried different things as I was trying to figure out the way he fit into the structure overall. As a result, it wasn’t until we moved him out of the cockpit and into the political world in this last season that it all came together, and so the character came into focus late. I think those are probably the two big regrets.”

As for the scientific accuracy of the show (a key principle in Moore’s NSF manifesto, where “the speed of light is law”), BSG Science Advisor Kevin Grazier revealed the things he would change in a Discover interview, also in 2009:

“There’s two. There’s one that I recognized too late. That was when the explosion in Water blew out the side of the [Galactica] and we have a big venting of water. [Galactica] was connected to the Virgon Express. That would have imparted a pretty healthy delta v [change in velocity], meaning it would have yanked the Virgon Express with [the Galactica] and probably broken the water lines. I didn’t think of that until too late, and I called and said ‘hang on!’ and they said ‘that ship’s sailed, sorry.’ That was the second episode and I was a baby science advisor then. The other one is I wish I would have been more instant with the constellations in Home Part 2. Because when you start thinking about those constellations, who put them there? Wasn’t the Kobolians. Those aren’t seen from the original Earth, so where did those constellations come from?”