Science Fiction’s 10 Worst Planets to Live On

Everyone loves the idea of traveling to faraway planets and hanging out with aliens, right? Science fiction is such a cool genre — there’s spaceships and jet packs and lightsabers and sexy green women and a guy who travels through time in a phone booth! It’s not all it’s cracked up to be, though, when you start to actually think about the type of planets you see in sci-fi stories. Some of them are utopias, sure, but those places usually get blown up, like Krypton and Alderaan and the planet Vulcan from the new Star Trek movie. For every lush world full of hyperintelligent civilizations, there’s a crappy slime-planet that everybody hates living on (and some of the lush planets are pretty crappy too, actually). Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up some of the worst places we could think of to build a summer home in the science fiction world, ranked from least to most awful. Check out our list after the jump, and tell us about your least favorite planet in the comments.


Well, the fictional version of Earth anyway. It gets attacked by aliens, planet-napped, blown up, enslaved, sucked dry of resources, and ridiculed constantly, and you can’t always expected Superman or the Doctor to fly in and save it, really. Plus, if Ford Prefect of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is to believed, it’s mindlessly dull compared to the rest of the galaxy — all of its major inhabitants have only two arms! Still, we rather happen to like it, so we’ll keep it at the bottom of the list.