10 Teen Dramas That Adults Will Also Love

Tomorrow brings the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, and we couldn’t be more excited. (OK, we could be more excited, but a Mad Men premiere only comes once every 18 months or so.) But wait, you might say, isn’t Pretty Little Liars a show for teenage girls? Well, as far as we’re concerned, while it may be about teenage girls it isn’t for them alone. We thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery’s first two seasons and have come to count it among the many teen dramas that are smart, fun, and absorbing enough to interest adults as well. We’ll tell you why, and list a handful of similar shows you might want to marathon during the summer TV lull, after the jump.

Pretty Little Liars

To be entirely honest, in our experience, it never gets less embarrassing to tell someone you can’t meet them for a drink because you’re going home to watch Pretty Little Liars. But watch it in secret if you need to, because this ABC Family series is a whole lot more fun to watch than that other multi-season basic cable murder mystery, The Killing — not to mention more consistent and faster-paced. At the center of the show are four teenage girls who begin to receive strange and increasingly threatening text messages a year after their friend, the group’s manipulative, precocious leader, is killed. Each episode is full of the kinds of twists and turns and horror movie-worthy sequences that great TV addictions are made of, along with the crushes and relationship drama and frenemies and cute dresses that come standard with the genre.