The 10 Craziest TV Deaths of the 2011-12 Season

Violet Harmon, American Horror Story

It’s hard to pick just one of American Horror Story’s innumerable grisly deaths, but the demise of the Harmons’ angsty, outcast teenage daughter is the one that sent shivers up our spine for weeks. Midway through the season, disgusted and confused by her ghostly boyfriend Tate’s past, she swallows a handful of pills. Thankfully, Tate saves her — or that’s what we think, until we slowly begin to realize, just before she does, that Violet can’t leave her haunted house anymore. And that’s when we learn, four episodes after the suicide attempt, that she really did die that day. In a moment of terror and gore, Tate shows Violet her rotting corpse, which he’s hidden in a crawlspace, and reveals to her that she’s been dead for weeks.