The Artists Behind Some of the Most Cliched Dorm Posters

Do you ever think about how different the college experience would be today? Maybe we’re aging ourselves here, but just the thought of taking notes on a laptop — or an iPad! — is mind boggling to us old-fashioned spiral notebook types. Well, we’ve surveyed the slightly younger generation, and apparently not much has changed as far as college dorm decorations are concerned. You’ve gotta be kidding. Well, alright. Let’s hit up some dorm rooms and delve into the (still) most cliched and popular posters and the art therein. Girls! Van Gogh! And other usual suspects! Which ones did you have? ‘Fess up.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night, guys. It’s so “trippy” and calming in its familiarity, isn’t it? Resist. The least you could do is go for a framed Starry puzzle, so it looks like you put some work into it. Or a Dr. Who remix. Something. Please.