10 Fictional Schools That We’d Love to Attend

We’re huge fans of the campus novel, and this morning we’re adding another great one to our collection: Don Lee’s The Collective, which hits shelves today. The novel, which follows a group of young artists during and after college, got us thinking about all the wonderful houses of learning from books that we wish we could have attended — from grade schools to high schools to college. Though The Collective is set at a real-life school, Macalester College, we’ve narrowed our choices to fictional schools (though some of them may bear more than a passing resemblance to extant houses of learning) to make it a little more fun. Click through to read about ten literary schools where we’d love to study, and let us know where you’d go if you had the chance in the comments.

Jordan College, The Golden Compass

Though Lyra didn’t actually go to school here (any more than she could help it, anyway), it is the unparalleled destination for studies in experimental theology, which sounds rather fascinating. We’d probably be just as keen to skip the scholarly life and experience Jordan like Lyra, scampering across the roofs with Roger the kitchen boy, waging grand plum stone wars against the townies.