Literary Ink: Famous Authors and Their Tattoos

Kevin Wilson rocks a tattoo of Buster and Annie from the cover of The Family Fang on his left arm. He writes, “I have two other tattoos and imagine I’ll get quite a few more before I’m done. The other tattoo I have is of a Deth P. Sun image of a weird catlike creature playing a marching band bass drum. Underneath it says, ‘Please Be Brave.’ The other one is just some damn ominous blackbird. I very much like tattoos, not because I really want other people to see them (though that is nice), but because it gives me a point of distraction whenever I happen to look at myself in the mirror and see how much older/fatter/sadder I’ve gotten. It’s a way for me, while I’m brushing my teeth before bed, to focus on a cat playing a bass drum or Annie and Buster with their bird masks and not, for example, why my skin always seems to have strange yellow bruises on it.”