Songs That Sound Like Love Songs But Aren’t

A while back, we did a feature on some of the most misunderstood songs in music, and it’s a topic we’ve been meaning to revisit ever since. Specifically, we’re always interested in the realm of the faux love song, tracks that sound all lovey-dovey at first listen but either conceal deeper meanings or aren’t in fact love songs at all (or, at least, not love songs about people). Whether they’re rude and risqué, sinister, or just plain weird, there are some great songs that fall into this category, and we’ve amused ourselves selecting 10 of them for this feature. If you’ve any to add, the comments section is your friend.

Lou Reed — “Perfect Day”

May or may not be about heroin, depending on who you believe — but even if you discount the drug angle, there’s something decidedly sinister about “Perfect Day,” from the “I thought I was someone else… someone good” confession to the “You’re going to reap/ Just what you sow” denouement. It always amuses us when this comes on over “meaningful” moments in TV dramas/movies/etc.