20 Awesomely Creative Business Cards

At a time when most people network via LinkedIn or some other form of social media, business cards can seem somewhat obsolete — they’re usually shoved in our wallet behind yesterday’s lunch receipt, never to be heard from again. It doesn’t help that most of them are pretty unmemorable, a few lines of personal information spelled out against a faceless background of bright white card stock. But just the way a beautifully handwritten note stands out in a bevy of text messages and chats, a unique and imaginative business card leaves a lasting impression. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples after the jump.

Mais Pilates Studio business cards [via]

Web design agency business cards [via]

Easel business card [via]

Cube business card [via]

Photographer business card [via]

Paper plane business card [via]

Mustache business card [via]

Edible cookie business card [via]


Creative agency business card [via]

Pop-up business card [via]

iPhone business card. (We’re not exactly sure how we feel about this one, but it’s sure to leave an impression.) [via]

Fitness trainer business card [via]

Paperweight business card [via]

Film slate business card [via]

Fortune teller business card [via]

Psychologist business card [via]

Yoga business card [via]

Hair comb business card [via]

Designer business card [via]

Furniture manufacturer business card [via]