Literature’s Greatest Author and Illustrator Duos

Lewis Carroll and Sir John Tenniel

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass

Typically, authors take center stage and their illustrators remain behind the scenes, but it was quite the opposite situation for Carroll and Tenniel. Though Tenniel is now best known for his Alice illustrations, before his work with Carroll he was an influential political cartoonist. It was partly because of his star status that Carroll approached him with a collaboration proposition. After considerable talks with Carroll, Tenniel consented to illustrating Alice in Wonderland, creating one of the most famous literary illustrations in history. The artist drew 92 haunting and iconic images for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Strangely, however, after finishing Carroll’s project, Tenniel stopped illustrating. “It is a curious fact that with Looking-Glass the faculty of making drawings for book illustrations departed from me, and […] I have done nothing in that direction since,” he explained.