Colorful Portraits of the Saddest Impersonators You’ll Ever See

Inspired the sweeping impact of the current economic crisis, LA-based Argentinian photographer Nicolas Silberfaden began work on Impersonators, a series of studio portraits of superhero and celebrity impersonators roaming the streets of his hometown — many of them, people who had lost their former jobs and were struggling to make ends meet. “Making them pose in their costumes against a colorful backdrop, I ask them to manifest feelings of genuine sadness – honest emotions that are a consequence of our current times,” he explains in his artist statement. “The result is a somber, striking visual image that contradicts the iconic nature of strength and moral righteousness typical in American superhero and celebrity imagery. Creating the illusion that Superman does exist – that he too was fallible and affected by America’s downturn.” Click through to check out a selection of photos from the personal project, and let us know what you think of his work in the comments.

Nicolas Silberfaden, Superman, 2011. 30×40 inches