Trend Watch: The Rise of the “Friendly” Logo

Microsoft’s Windows 8 by Paula Scher

Image credit: Microsoft via Branding: Magazine

One of the reasons why there’s been speculation that the internationally recognized design consultancy Pentagram had something to do with Microsoft’s brand new look is Paula Scher’s Windows 8 overhaul. In an attempt to bring Windows back to its roots, the more modern and minimalistic geometric shape eliminates multiple colors and puts the logo in a perspective, serving as a metaphor for Microsoft’s refreshed views on the new operating system.

“I think the waving flag was meant to be a flag in perspective,” says Scher. “All of the clichés of technology design are based on the idea that icons should look dimensional like product design that tech designers call ‘chrome’ — look at the iPhone interface where everything has gradation and drop shadows.”

Perhaps the root of the problem?