The Very Best of Foldable, Functional Furniture Origami

It’s no secret that here at Flavorwire, we love ourselves some good, clever design. We’ve looked at everything from innovative furniture that makes the work day more fun to decadent designs for chocolate lovers. Today we’re exploring a new niche design category that addresses one of the inevitable woes of urban living: the unfortunately cramped spaces we call home.

Offering space-saving solutions for those times when our tiny apartment feels like it just can’t hang, and we dream of airy loft living, consider these fundamental furniture pieces that maximize your minimal environs. From folding your own furniture (check out the free downloadable instructions!) to collapsible chairs that double as wall art, put your inner origami enthusiast to work with these fun, fabulous, and functional designs.

FoldSchool by Nicola Enrico Stäubli

Image credit: FoldSchool