The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. It looks like Polaroid’s photography collection — which includes 627 stunners from Ansel Adams — will hit the auction block. [via WSJ]
2. Michael Phelps was not injured in a car crash outside of Baltimore last night, but if this ends with him apologizing to America on the Today Show for a third time, Matt Lauer might kill him. [via AP]
3. Why would 50 publishers reject a project when people like Shepard Fairey and Matthew Weiner think it’s a good idea? [via HuffPo]
4. Bryan Singer (Valkyrie) will direct and produce a Battlestar Gallactica movie for Universal. [via EW]
5. The Flaming Lips have a crazy song called “See the Leaves” on their forthcoming double album Embryonic, and you can hear it now. [via Pitchfork]