What Your Favorite Scary Movie Says About You

Rosemary’s Baby
Since puberty, you’ve had a recurring nightmare involving a positive pregnancy test.

The Evil Dead
You prefer urban vacations to rural ones.

Evil Dead II
In school, you wanted to learn Sumerian.

Army of Darkness
In school, you were big on live-action role-playing games.

Cabin in the Woods
You watched the Evil Dead movies too many times in college.

Cat People
You hate the Internet.

Paranormal Activity
Ghost Hunters always disappoints you, but for some reason you can’t stop watching it.

The Blair Witch Project
You are shocked — shocked — that your Flip Cam horror short didn’t get accepted to a single film festival.

You’re always pointing out that things are based on H.P. Lovecraft stories, like your geeky friends don’t already know that.

You are terrible at puzzles.