50 Up-and-Coming New York Culture Makers to Watch in 2013

Lindsay Howard

Lindsay Howard is a curator, researcher, and a passionate guiding force in new media art. She’s curatorial director at Brooklyn’s 319 Scholes, where a recent group show The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age featured provocative works from artists like Eva and Franco Mattes and an experimental platform — the exhibition’s fantastic Tumblr is always rolling. She’s spoken at panels at New York University, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and recently Art Basel Miami Beach on “New Media, New Markets: Buying, Selling, and Collecting Digital Art.” Her upcoming work at EyeBeam with F.A.T. Lab will showcase some of the most innovative, participant-friendly, user-intended net/tech art of the last five years — right there, in Chelsea. She promotes collaboration and “open source philosophy,” to the extent that we’re having a hard time caring about painting when so much is possible in new media, thanks to people like Lindsay Howard. Lindsay, you killed painting. — MG

What are your plans for the holidays?

See Les Misérables on Christmas Day! It’s been my favorite musical since as far back as I can remember (my childhood dog was named “Cosette”) -– my family and I will be those people in the audience mouthing, if not singing, every word.

What’s coming up for you in 2013?

When I get back from the holiday, I’ll be resuming my fellowship at Eyebeam: Art & Technology Center in Chelsea, where I’m organizing a symposium around their digital archive recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy. I’ve had the opportunity to review more than 1,200 restored DVDs, VHS cassettes, Mini DVs, and other digital media, and select the most unexpected, exciting, and rare material to feature in an accompanying exhibition.

In April, I’m excited to bring together the Free Art & Technology (F.A.T.) Lab collective for a five-year retrospective of their work. I’ve been following their projects for years, but became interested in working with them when they “occupied” my blog (along with hundreds of others in the online exhibition “Occupy The Internet”) last year. They’re long overdue for a major exhibition, and this will definitely have a celebratory feel to it.