50 Up-and-Coming New York Culture Makers to Watch in 2013

Photo credit: Jass

Jeff Owens

Leftfield electronic institution Ghostly International has long been one of the country’s most interesting indie labels, and as label manager for both Ghostly and its sister imprint Spectral Sounds, Jeff Owens has been responsible for maintaining its progressive direction for much of the past decade. But it’s his new project that’s got us particularly excited — his own label felte was responsible for a couple of our favorite releases in 2012 (namely albums by ERAAS and Billow Observatory), and there’s apparently plenty more to come in 2013. — TH

What are your plans for the holidays?

Bunker down and focus on my new record label, felte, which was launched in October of this year with releases from ERAAS (who are Brooklyn-based), PVT, and Billow Observatory.

Which New York artists do you count among your greatest inspirations?

My inspirations are predominately music-focused artists. Artists like Michael Gira/Swans, and Sonic Youth. It’s more about their conviction over the decades to their work. The ethos, commitment, passion, and vision. I’m a fan of their work, but more a fan of what they stand for.

What’s coming up for you in 2013?

Releases on felte from PVT and ERAAS, along with newly signed acts like Standish/Carlyon, Flaamingos, and more.