50 Up-and-Coming New York Culture Makers to Watch in 2013

Cristy C. Road

A fixture in feminist, LGBT, and punk zinester circles since she was a teenager in the late ’90s due to Green Zine, conceived to chronicle her obsession with Green Day, Cristy C. Road has attracted wider and wider notice over the past several years for her illustrated stories. Drawing on her experience as a queer Latina growing up in Miami, Road’s first graphic memoir was 2006’s Indestructible. This year, the Brooklyn-based artist and writer published Spit and Passion, an elaborate, energetic, and engrossing book that connects finding Green Day (and punk in general) in junior high with surviving a homophobic environment. — J. Berman

What are your plans for the holidays?

During the holidays, I try to hang out with my peops in NYC and go to as many rad queer goings-on as possible — so I can miss it all when I go down to Miami for the designated Xmas week. It’s required to go down south to see the family, and have the traditional Noche Buena with the Christmas Lechon and get to chill with all my relatives and old Florida friends. Plus, it’s always nice to go to Miami when it gets cold up here. Ideally I could have a teleportation device that would enable me to balance my friend/art/queer life and my Miami/family life on the regs.

Which New York artists do you count among your greatest inspirations?

Two local visual artists who will never fail to amaze and inspire me are Swoon and Fly. I saw Swoon’s work as soon as I moved out here and fell in love with all the stuff she had up all over the city. Anything bold with dark outlines gets me going! Like Fly’s stuff that appears in her comics, music, and Peops portrait collection. I’ve admired her since I was a teenager and saw her work on the cover of Cometbus #42 (the Double Duce Novel). Otherwise I get real inspiration from punk bands — that’s always been the art I regularly turn to. Right now some of my favorite local bands are all amazing queer punk bands from Brooklyn — Girlcrush, Penguin, Gltr Pnch, and Glittered and Mauled (just a few who definitely get me doin real passionate windmills in the crowd.)

What’s coming up for you in 2013?

Well, Spit and Passion, my graphic novel about coming out of the closet, just came out on Feminist Press! So hopefully 2013 will be filled with a lot of intense conversations about the queer Latina experience, the homophobic lies embeded in structured religion, and Green Day (all topics that appear over and over in the novel). Other than that, I’m really focusing on my band The Homewreckers and releasing our first full-length album. I’m also working on a tarot card deck with Michelle Tea, but that will probably go well into 2014 — it’s 78 paintings! Go Gemini!