Flavorpill’s 10 Most Anticipated Art Exhibits of 2013

Eyebeam Art+Technology Center: F.A.T. Gold
April 2013, New York

This isn’t just a retrospective of the innovative new media art collective F.A.T. — it’s an event five years in the making. Surveying the work of F.A.T. members like Kyle McDonald (of tampered Apple store computers infamy), Aram Bartholl (Dead Dropsmuseum hacking) and Evan Roth (Eyewriter), F.A.T. Gold will also bring together 25 artists, graffiti writers, hackers, engineers, and musicians to collaborate for a week-long residency at the Eyebeam Art+Technology Center in Chelsea. Originally planned for November 2012 but delayed by Hurricane Sandy, the exciting exhibit is curated by Lindsay Howard, one of our culture maker picks to watch in 2013.