The Best Spoof Movies Ever Made

9. Hot Shots!
BRAINCHILD OF: Jim Abrahams, one-third of the team behind Airplane! and The Naked Gun, and their occasional collaborator Pat Proft (who also wrote Bachelor Party, Police Academy, Real Genuis, and several later, lesser Leslie Nielsen vehicles)
TARGET: Top Gun, and several other ’80s action flicks
BEST GAG: A send-up of the sexy-eating sequence from 9½ Weeks — with such unexpected foreplay food as fried eggs and bacon.
SEE ALSO: The nearly-as-funny sequel Hot Shots, Part Deux!, which features a priceless moment in which star Charlie Sheen’s riverboat crosses paths with his father Martin’s, in the midst of an Apocalpyse Now reenactment. “Loved you in Wall Street!” they shout at each other.