Art Inspired by Your Favorite YA Literature

As Jennifer Senior recently explained in New York Magazine, we never truly leave high school — it’s a scientific fact. Whether or not you’re still haunted by the thought of your prom portrait or cafeteria politics, there’s one part of adolescence that you’re probably still clinging to in a good way: the beloved books that got you through those awkward years. Opening this Saturday at Gallery1988’s Melrose location, the Young Adult show, a collaboration with HelloGiggles, celebrates YA classics like Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew, and Harriet the Spy through original works of art. Click through to preview a selection of the pieces that will be on display through February 23, and let us know which ode is your favorite in the comments.

Image credit: Kiersten Essenpreis
Image credit: Amanda Scurti
Image credit: Audrey Pongracz

Image credit: Danielle Buerli
Image credit: Erica Williams
Image credit: Julia Sonmi Heglund

Image credit: Kelly McKernan
Image credit: Kristin Tercek
Image credit: Lauren Gregg

Image credit: Lorena Alvarez Gomez
Image credit: Maggie Mull
Image credit: Shannon Finch