The Intriguing Passports of 20 Famous Artists and Writers

Like business cards, passports can say a lot about a person — where they’ve been, where they’re going, and well, how photogenic they are under the worst conditions. This week, we caught a glimpse of René Magritte’s passport (and pipe) over at Fuck yeah, manuscripts!, and so as dyed in the wool collectors of the pop culture ephemera, we decided to check out the legal papers of a few more of our favorite artists, from Virginia Woolf to Walt Disney. Check them out after the jump, and then go count your passport stamps.

René Magritte’s pipe and passport

Photo Credit: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Norman Mailer’s passport

Photo Credit: Ella Fitzgerald Collection, Archives Center, National Museum of American History.

Ella Fitzgerald’s passport

James Brown’s passport [via Model’s Own]

James Joyce’s wartime family passport

A 16-year-old Whitney Houston’s passport

F. Scott Fizgerald’s passports

Roy Orbison’s passport

Image Credit: Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution

Jackson Pollock’s passport

Image Credit: National Archives and Records Administration

Ernest Hemingway’s passport

Janis Joplin’s passport

Photo Credit: Harry Ransom Center, The University of Texas at Austin

Lillian Hellman’s passport

Johnny Cash’s passport

Truman Capote’s passport

David Bowie’s passport

Alfred Hitchcock’s passport

Andy Warhol’s passport

Alice Cooper’s passport

Virginia Woolf’s passport

Walt Disney’s passport


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