80 Wonderful Michael Caine Quotes for His 80th Birthday


On Aging

“At 35 you’re old enough to know something and young enough to look forward to what you can do with the knowledge. So I stayed at 35!” [Interview magazine, 1986]

“When I became too old to get the girl, I was freed up to play characters instead of being a movie star. A producer sent me a script and I thought the part was too small. He said, ‘You weren’t supposed to read the lover, read the father’s part, which is enormous.’ I went and looked in the bathroom mirror and there he was — the father.” [Guardian, 2009]

“The best part about getting older is you know everything. And the worst part is dealing with people who don’t know ­anything.” [The Mirror, 2012]

“I don’t feel very old, but I never look in a mirror so I always think I’m about 38.” [The Mirror, 2012]

On retirement

“I’m sitting here and I don’t have another film to do. If I don’t find a good script ever again I’ll be retired. There won’t be any fanfare or statement to the press. I’ll just be like an old solider – which I am – and fade away. I have no anxiety about it.” [Guardian, 2009]

On the afterlife

I’d dearly love to think that there is somebody there. And I’ve got a lot of back-up because my father was a Catholic, my mother was a Protestant, I was educated by Jews and I’m married to a Muslim. So I won’t lose out on a technicality.” [Saga, 2011]

On his life today

My only thing was I wanted to be an actor and I didn’t care when, where, or how much for. I would still be the old character-actor in theatre. I’m 76, I wouldn’t have had the money to retire, I would be working and having a couple of drinks in the evening just to forget, and life would have been very different. But I would have stayed an actor, that’s all.” [Time Out, 2011]

“I choose the work I want to do and it makes me happy to go and do it. Actually, I love going on a movie because it’s like the circus. My father was half gypsy so there’s the gypsy thing in it. I’m never happier than packing and taking off for a new adventure. I’m a nomad and the unit is the tribe and you travel from here to there in caravans and you set up shop and you work and it’s wonderful.” [The Talks, 2011]

And, because we couldn’t resist, here’s our favorite Michael Caine-related video:

Happy 80th, Sir Michael!