A Selection of Fascinating Musical Manifestos, 1910-Present


UK Punk

Given how closely identified the UK version of punk was with fashion, it makes sense that its de facto manifesto was published on a T-shirt. The shirt in question (above, worn by Johnny Thunders) was designed by Malcolm McLaren, Vivienne Westwood, and Bernie Rhodes, and in keeping with punk’s binary, year-zero view of the world, it set out a series of “loves” and “hates.” It makes for interesting reading now — some of the things punks were for and against were fairly predictable (pro-Iggy Pop and Lenny Bruce, anti-parking tickets and “pop stars who are thick and useless”), but others are rather innocuous. Who’d have thought, for instance, that punks would hate Salvador Dalí and Michael Caine but love Jimi Hendrix and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? You can read the full list of loves and hates here.