Fascinating Photos of Great Musicians’ Earliest Musical Endeavors

Everyone has to start somewhere, and all that. We’re always fascinated by the idea of looking into the history of our favorite artists, be they musicians, writers, filmmakers or whatever else, and as such we found ourselves going down something of a Google Images rabbit hole yesterday afternoon in search of the earliest musical endeavors of some of our favorite musicians. We thought we’d share some of the fruits of our searching with you — fascinating photographs of famous musicians in the earliest stages of their artistic development.

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Jimmy Page

From a TV appearance with his skiffle band, at the ripe old age of 14. The young Page on what he wanted to do when he grew up: “I want to do biological research.” We guess he did.

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Teenage Iggy - Prime Movers

Iggy Pop

That’s young James Osterberg wielding the tambourine. We’re not sure which band this is — if anyone knows, do drop a line in the comments section and enlighten us.

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Bruce Springsteen

All the way on the left, with his first band, The Castiles, in his native New Jersey. He looks so little!

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Kurt Cobain

Looking happy. Sigh.

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PJ Harvey

With the curiously titled Automatic Dlamini, her early project with John Parish, in Bristol, circa 1988. Harvey was 19, maybe 20.

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The Konrads David Bowie David Jones

David Bowie

Hey, who’s that handsome young man on saxomophone?

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Nick Cave

A very early incarnation of the Boys Next Door, before they added Rowland S. Howard on guitar. This band would eventually move to England and metamorphose into the Birthday Party.

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Jimi Hendrix

With the King Kasuals, in his home town of Seattle, circa 1963. Hendrix was just out of the army and in his early 20s, but looks younger, bless him.

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Thurston Moore

A young Thurston avec typewriter. Working on lyrics. Possibly.

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Zach Condon (Beirut)

And finally, we’ve posted this photo before, but we couldn’t resist breaking it out again. For obvious reasons.

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