The Dowager Countess of Westeros: The Wit and Wisdom of Olenna Tyrell and Violet Crawley

diana rigg

On Speaking Their Minds

“Grandmother,” Margaery said, “mind your words, or what will Sansa think of us?”
“She might think we have some wits about us. One of us, at any rate.” — A Storm of Swords, Chapter 6

“I’m a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose.” — Downton Abbey, Season 2, Episode 4

On Mourning a Death

Sansa: “I was very sorry when I heard of Lord Renly’s death, Lady Margaery. He was very gallant.”
“Gallant, yes, and charming and very clean. He knew how to dress and smile and somehow this gave him the notion he was fit to be king…It was treason. I warned them. Robert has two sons and an older brother. How could he possibly have any claim to that ugly iron chair?” — Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 2

“One can’t go to pieces at the death of every foreigner. We’d all be in a constant state of collapse whenever we opened a newspaper.” — Downton Abbey, Season 1, Episode 3

On Eating Well

Servant: “The cheese will be served after the cakes, my lady.”
Olenna: “The cheese will be served when I want it to be served, and I want it to be served now.” — Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 2

“It seems a pity to miss such a good pudding.” — Downton Abbey, Season 3, Episode 6