Your Favorite Authors’ Favorite Musicians

Thomas Pynchon: Lotion

The story of Thomas Pynchon’s favorite band is one of the more bizarre this feature has to offer. The famously reclusive author apparently took a fancy to the music of unheralded New York band Lotion after he was given their album Nobody’s Cool by his accountant, and agreed to write some liner notes for it. The band milked the story for all it was worth, claiming he became their biggest fan and turned up to their shows in a Godzilla t-shirt. They’ve since said this story was a hoax — but the thing is, apparently Pynchon really did write the liner notes in question, and also turned unannounced up to several of the band’s shows. Pynchon himself, of course, is not talking about it, so really only he and the band know exactly what transpired.