Flavorwire’s Guide to Movies You Need to Stream This Week


One more title to check out before the aforementioned May 1 purge: this 1974 buddy cop movie, forgotten almost immediately after its release, but discovered in recent years by ‘70s movie buffs during its lengthy run on Netflix streaming. It’s worth noting that there’s some rather ugly (yet sadly typical for the time) homophobia in its first act, but once you get past that stuff, it’s an enjoyably loose and energetic flick, with debuting writer/director Peter Hyams (who would later helm Running Scared, one of the best of the ‘80s buddy cop flicks) making particularly inventive use of long moving shots in his crackerjack chases. And it’s a fine reminder of a strange era where a guy who looked like Elliot Gould was considered a leading man. (Keep an eye out for several great character actors — including Sid Haig, Michael Lerner, Allen Garfield, and Antonio Fargas — in supporting roles.)