The Most Batshit Insane Twist Endings in Movie History

The film: Color of Night
The twist: They’re the same person!

This dopey 1994 film came at the tail end of Hollywood’s unfortunate “erotic thriller” craze (which began roughly with Fatal Attraction and hit it financial height with Basic Instinct). Bruce Willis plays a troubled psychiatrist whose visit to a colleague (Scott Bakula) turns into a mystery when the friend is brutally murdered. Willis begins a torrid affair with a sexy stranger (Jane March), while taking over Bakula’s therapy group; one of the members is a young man named Richie, who has a stutter and wears a baseball cap and looks an awful lot like a girl. Come to find out, he is: it’s actually Rose, who has a split personality brought on by the suicide of her brother. It’s not just a dumb twist (though it’s certainly that) — it’s also one of the less surprising ones on the list, since poor March is quite lovely, but not quite the caliber of actor required to pull off the double role.