Gorgeous Original Posters for Paul Thomas Anderson Movies From Mondo

Well, looks like Mondo has off and done it again. The collectible art division of our beloved Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has a new series of posters dedicated to the work of Paul Thomas Anderson, and they’re knockouts. Mondo artist Aaron Horkey curated the series; after the jump, you can see their posters for Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love, and Hard Eight (aka Sidney), along with Horkey’s thoughts on the pieces and the artists responsible.

1-TWBB reg

There Will Be Blood
Artist: Aaron Horkey

“A few years ago, when a potential PTA director’s series was first mentioned, I immediately had my hand up for this one. Everything about TWBB is precisely my cup of tea — the time period, the sweeping desolation of the landscape, the soundtrack, Daniel Day-Lewis, etc. I didn’t immediately come to the idea of an over-sized stock certificate, but the more thought that went into it the more perfect it seemed as a visual embodiment of the film. I’ve also wanted to go all-in on something resembling a 19th-century engraved note for quite some time, so this seemed like as good an excuse as any. All told I spent over 100 hours on the illustration — it’s still only about half as involved as I think it should be, but after 6 weeks I felt like it needed to be put to bed. The aging of the paper is something I’m pretty proud of here — there are 3 layers of very subtle tone built up from the paper color to approximate a century-old piece of acidic, weathered stock.”