43 Great Tina Fey Quotes for Her 43rd Birthday


On Twitter

“Twitter seems like a busman’s holiday: just more writing. I have no plans to do it. I’ll just stick with my 24/7 webcam. I’m old-fashioned that way.” (Esquire, 2010)

On taking time off to spend time with family

“There should be a new, more honest euphemism. Like, I’m leaving office because I plan to solicit more anonymous sex in bathrooms… I am going to dedicate myself, full time, to my day-drinking… Yeah, I am actually spending more time with my family — which is nice.” (NPR, March 2013)

On high school

“If you’ve been to high school, chances are you’ve got a yearbook lying around that’s full of enough cringe-worthy quotes and photos to mortify you until your dying day.” (Huffington Post, 2012)

On performing

“I spent a lot of time performing for people who did not want to see any kind of performance, let alone one from me. I’d get hired to do an industrial, and I’d be doing sketch comedy at 8:14 A.M. in a hotel ballroom while people were eating breakfast, and the content of the sketch material was to let them know they weren’t getting dental insurance anymore.” (Esquire, 2010)

On body image

“People will say, ‘Oh, fashion magazines are so bad, they’re giving girls a negative message’ — but we’re also the fattest country in the world, so it’s not like we’re all looking at fashion magazines and not eating. Maybe it just starts a shame cycle: I’m never going to look like that model, so . . . Chicken McNuggets it is! And conversely, I don’t look at models who are crazy skinny and think I want to look like that, because a lot of them are gigantic, with giant hands and feet. Also, my dad is an artist — a painter by hobby — and I constantly would see realistic nudes. Because we were raised around art and went to museums and the women I grew up around were curvy . . . there wasn’t this value on skinny, skinny, skinny. Curvy was clearly meant to be the winner. I go up and down a few pounds with a relative amount of kindness to myself. And I have a daughter, and I don’t want her to waste her time on all of that.” (Vogue, 2010)

On being mean

“I’m not a mean person, but I have a capacity for it. I have the biting comment formed somewhere in the back of my head — like it’s in captivity. Sometimes people expect that I’m going to be tough. It’s not a bad situation. People treat you better. People are on time.” (Reader’s Digest, 2008)