What to Read to Fill the Void Left by Your Favorite TV Shows This Summer


House of Cards and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Technically speaking, House of Cards ended almost as soon as it began, since Netflix released the entire season at once. However, while we twiddle our thumbs nervously and await the next season, we might better indulge our appetite for greed, lust, and corruption with another story full of these ingredients. Julius Caesar and the men of Rome might be a fitting replacement for Francis Underwood and the politico moguls of Washington, and the play is just as rife with backstabbing and scheming vendettas. As in Julius Caesar, which follows Brutus’ conspiracy against Caesar, almost everyone is Frank’s personal Caesar, and he won’t break a sweat — or show a modicum of remorse — in bringing them down. In both House of Cards and Julius Caesar, those in power invariably jostle for more dominion, money, and status.