10 Things George R.R. Martin Is Doing Instead of Writing the Next ‘Game of Thrones’ Book


Writing reviews of The Great Gatsby on his blog

Don’t get it wrong — it’s pretty awesome to find out that Martin is a big Fitzgerald fan and to read his thoughts on the recent film adaptation of Fitz’s best work. “I’m a word guy first and foremost, though,” he writes, “and it is the words that sing for me here. There are a lot of Fitzgerald’s own words in this GATSBY, in the dialogue, in the voiceovers, in the frame, and that’s more than okay with me. There’s never been a more lyrical writer than F. Scott and that lyricism is captured here.” But inside every fan is a littler, less realistic fan, slightly peeved that Martin is taking a whole two and a half hours away from the continuing saga of Westeros.