Clever Instagram User Photoshops Himself Into Celebrity Snapshots

People have been photoshopping themselves into celebrity photos ever since it was possible, but let’s be real: not many of us are good at it. This is probably why sites like The Daily Dot and Gizmodo are so taken with Instagram user Peeje T, who photoshops himself into celebrity photos with nary a stray pixel. His creations range from straightforward to completely absurd, and you can almost believe he’s sitting with Rihanna at a basketball game until you see him give her a piggyback ride at the Kentucky Derby. He always tags his culprits in his posts, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see one of them call him up to capitalize on his growing buzz. If they do, it would be virtually impossible to tell the resulting Instagrams apart from Peeje T’s doctored images. Click through to see a selection of his best work.

Via @peejet
Image credit: Peeje T