10 of Hollywood’s Most Legendary “Troubled Productions”


DIRECTOR: James Cameron
PRODUCTION WOES: Ballooning costs (up from a $135 million original budget to a final tab of $200 million — a new record); over schedule (by three weeks); technical difficulties (the ship was built in such a way that props and costumes had to be reversed so the image could be flipped in post); shutdowns due to health (Kate Winslet chipped a bone in her elbow; 50 people were hospitalized when a crew member reportedly laced the catering with PCP); water shooting.
RESULT: You’d think Cameron would stay on dry land after the money hole of water shooting nearly sank Jaws, Waterworld, and his own The Abyss. But Cameron’s Titanic, initially pegged as a waterlogged, out-of-control mess during production, became an Academy Award winner and the highest-grossing movie of its time.