Flavorwire’s Guide to Movies You Need to Stream This Week

Death of a Salesman

Fresh from a wonderfully bananas Reddit AMA, John Malkovich hits the multiplexes this weekend in Red 2, the sequel that nobody was asking for to the movie everyone enjoyed enough without realizing it was successful enough to warrant another one. At any rate, there’s plenty of good Malkovich on Netflix these days — his Of Mice and Men is well worth your time, as is the challenging South African drama Disgrace, and you don’t have to be told to watch Being John Malkovich again — but the most fascinating curio is this 1985 made-for-TV adaptation of Arthur Miller’s classic. Dustin Hoffman is expectedly brilliant as Willy Loman, but Malkovich is something of a revelation as his son Biff; it’s strange to see the actor so young, and in such a conventional role, but he invests it with effective doses of poignancy and anger.