14 Fascinating Nick Cave Collaborations

Nick Cave and Johnny Cash (and Hank Williams)

Cave on recording with the Man in Black:

“I was secretly terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to sing this song with him — that it would be in some kind of key that I couldn’t get to, and that I was going to fuck it up…

When he started singing all his illness just seemed to fall away. He became energized by that. I often hear that, and often it’s a load of shit, but this is actually true. In some ways when I was sitting there talking to him, I was kind of wondering how this man was going to be able to sing anything at all. Once he sat down there was just this real strength — this force of nature that came out of him. For me — it was two hours, and I walked out thinking, fuck, what happened then? That was the extraordinary thing. I felt I had really seen something that for me was hugely comforting, and inspirational, and truly incredible.”