This Is What You Look Like When You Watch TV

I assume, as I write this sentence and my brain makes some attempt to function, that my face is fairly lively looking. I wouldn’t want to see, on the other hand, what I look like when I’m staring at my laptop watching a movie or a TV show, most likely in the most comfortable space possible. I bet I’d look a little brain-dead! I can only assume this to be true after looking at Michelle Norris’ collection, Dormant (spotted via Feature Shoot), in which she juxtaposes pixelated images of television shows with lovely portraits of people experiencing them. “The quiet and submissive state would regularly indicate sleep, but instead we are confronted with views of people with light in their eyes,” Norris says about the ironic warmth of her work. “What we find is a moment of intimacy between the viewers and subjects through means that are typically distancing.” Take a look after the jump.

Image credit: Michelle Norris

Image credit: Michelle Norris


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