10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Pulp Fiction’

Samuel L. Jackson almost lost the role of Jules.

Tarantino wrote the role of Jules for Jackson, who had auditioned (but wasn’t cast) in Reservoir Dogs, but, according to Yeskel, “Sam Jackson came in to read it and he sucked. He thought he had the role, so he didn’t put any effort into reading it. And he didn’t get the role. And we sent to Quentin to New York, and he read a lot of actors in New York, including the bartender [‘My name’s Paul, and this shit’s between ya’al’], Paul Calderón. And I thought he was brilliant. And it turned out that Sam wanted to come back in and read. So one Sunday we flew Paul out, we brought Sam back in — we were over at Sony studios — and we read. They both read, and they both were equally great. And they gave it to Sam.”