50 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Halloween’


6. Jamie Lee Curtis, who was cast in the leading role, was a 19-year-old contract player at Universal. This was her film debut; she had only done television work until then. But producer Hill recognized the promotional power of her casting — she was the daughter of Janet Leigh, who played Marion Crane in Psycho. (Both Curtis and Leigh would later appear in the 1998 sequel Halloween: H20.)

7. Curtis was not Carpenter’s first choice for Laurie — but weirdly, his initial pick also had a mother/daughter connection to Hollywood’s past. He offered the role to Annie Lockhart, whose mother June starred in TV’s Lassie. Lockhart turned down the role.

8. Carpenter and Hill had loved P.J. Soles’ work in Carrie, and wrote the role of Lynda the cheerleader specifically for her.

9. They wanted Soles’s live-in boyfriend (and later husband) Dennis Quaid to play her on-screen boyfriend Bob, but he had a scheduling conflict and couldn’t take the role. John Michael Graham, who ended up playing Bob, never appeared in another film.

10. Soles’ other best-known role in the 1970s was Allan Arkush’s Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, which was also shot by Halloween’s director of photography, Dean Cundey.