The 50 Most Heart-Wrenching Movies of All Time

It’s fall, and there’s something in my eye. Or it’s allergy season. Or I’m newly sensitive to hyper-emotional filmmaking. Or maybe it isn’t just me; every year, when prestige movie season begins, we find ourselves sniffling and dabbing through moving, heartstring-tugging pictures, though this year seems to already have a surplus of big-time weepies. In the spirit of those pictures, here’s a rundown of the 50 most cry-worthy flicks in movie history — not the saddest, mind you (though many of them are really fucking sad), but those most likely to move us to tears, be it through tragedy, triumph, or the sheer goodness of their protagonists.

50. Forrest Gump

Yes, yes, I know, Forrest Gump is a wildly overrated catchphrase factory that stole Pulp Fiction’s Oscars and whose political subtext is more troubling the more you think about it. All of these things are true! But when Forrest meets his and Jenny’s little boy for the first time, and he steps back and gets that worried look on his face and asks, “Is he smart, or is he, uh…” — well, maybe that doesn’t get to you, but if so, you’re trying awfully hard.


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