The 50 Greatest Debut Singles: A Spotify Playlist

Yesterday we geeked out with a pretty epic list of the 50 greatest debut singles in music history, and we’ve been blasting plenty of them on the office stereo ever since, so much so that we’ve put together a Spotify playlist to collate them all in one place. We thought we’d share this with you, dear readers, so click through to get a piece of the action, and listen to the 50 greatest debut 45s, all in one convenient playlist! (Well, 48 of them, anyway — sadly, neither The Cure’s “Killing an Arab” or T La Rock’s “It’s Yours” were to be found on Spotify. Curses.)

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Spotify lists the Motley Crue song as being Explicit (it isn't), while saying nothing about the F-bomb going off in the last verse of The Gun Club's "Sex Beat." This is important info for radio DJ's to know and it just goes to show you that you must listen for yourself before playing a song on the air.


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