10 of 2013’s Best Books of Poetry


i will never be beautiful enough to make us beautiful together, Mira Gonzalez (Sorry House)

The Short:
candid, solipsism, confessional, xxx, pop culture, alt lit

The Long:
What makes this book of poetry succeed is its lack of filter and complete candor. The poems in this book are incredibly self-aware, but also crafty in the way they echo out like friends-only Livejournal entries — the great pleasure of being told a confession — a secret whispered in your ear. What is “Alt Lit”? What is “New Sincerity”? Is there a checkbox of sans-serif design choices, long titles, and pop cultural references that make something a thing or not a thing? I don’t know. But I know this: this work is good. It is engrossing, brutally honest, anxious, and something I would recommend to those who do not usually read contemporary poetry.