What Were the Worst Things on the Internet in 2013?

bret easton ellis

Bret Easton Ellis, Internet Gadfly

Bret Easton Ellis had a fun year, what with writing a film that was a complete and utter disaster (but hey, a real-life porn star was in it!) and being a general cultural gadfly on Twitter. Well, I guess that was the point of his provocative tweets, which really amounted to a grown man behaving like a precocious child with access to Wi-Fi. He had a lot of really interesting, rational, and fully formed thoughts to share with the Internet, ranging from how Matt Bomer was too gay to be in 50 Shades of Gray to how Alice Munro was the most overrated author ever, therefore making the Nobel Prize in Literature moot. (He’s still probably upset because he didn’t sell the Swedish rights to Lunar Park or something.)