10 Obscure Fairy-Tale Films

Rabbit’s Moon

Underground cinema provocateur Kenneth Anger released a poetic, avant-garde ode to the commedia dell’arte, Japanese myth, and the stylings of old Hollywood director Josef von Sternberg. The clown Pierrot longs to capture the unattainable moon, in which a rabbit lives (inspired by folk tales), but is entranced by the illusory Columbine (Harlequin’s mistress), who is conjured from a magic lantern. Nature eventually confronts the hero. The film saw two releases: the 1972 version featured 1950s and ‘60s pop songs (above — and in my mind the more romantic and dazzling of the two), while the 1979 cut was sped up and matched with A Raincoat’s 1976 single, “It Came in the Night.”