Haunting Photos of Modern-Day Ruins

There’s something particularly resonant about the shuttered buildings captured in Canadian photographer Susan Dobson’s series Sense of an Ending — they call to mind the giant decaying monument to hubris in Lauren Greenfield’s documentary The Queen of Versailles, evoking how all our works eventually return to dust. As per Faith is Torment, where we first saw these, the artist herself describes this series as an exploration of “how photographs have the ability to sit outside of any definitive time period, and to feel dislocated in time… for me, the series evokes images I have in my mind of the ruins from WWII that were still evident in Germany when I lived there as a child.” Either way, the images are dramatic and striking; you can see more of Dobson’s work at her website.

Photo credit: Susan Dobson

Photo credit: Susan Dobson


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