Songs for a Conscious Uncoupling: A Playlist for Gwyneth and Chris

Look, breakups are tough. I know this from experience. And I also know that some good tunes can help. I’m not here to rag on Gwyneth Paltrow or Chris Martin for their split, even if I wouldn’t have made an announcement about it on my personal lifestyle website just a few hours before I was scheduled to make an appearance on Glee. But hey, I’m not Gwyneth Paltrow! What I would do, however, is let my emotions out by singing along with some sweet jams — songs that run the gamut from bitter to angry to somber to empowering. Just in case Gwyneth and Chris need a few suggestions (you know, the kind that aren’t songs from the Coldplay catalog or the Country Strong soundtrack), here are 30 tracks that they may find appealing.


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