10 Amazing Abandoned Sets from Film and Television

John Wayne’s Alamo Village

“The Duke” not only starred as Davy Crockett, but produced and directed this 1960 epic retelling of the Battle of the Alamo. He teamed up with James T. “Happy” Shahan to build a replica of the Alamo and the surrounding area, dubbed “Alamo Village” and constructed near Shahan’s home of Bracketville, Texas. Instead of building the customary front-and-side facades, Shahan constructed his Village of real buildings with four walls, floors, and roofs, with the idea of preserving the Village after The Alamo was completed, making it a museum and location for future films. And that he did; it stood as a tourist attraction for decades, and at least a dozen additional films (including Bandolero!, Barbarosa, and Bad Girls) were shot there. But after the deaths of Shahan and his widow in the 2000s, the Village shut its doors. It is currently for sale and not open to the public, though good ol’ Adam the Woo got the caretaker to show him around for the above video.