10 Amazing Abandoned Sets from Film and Television

Nobody ever said growing up is easy, but anyone who came of age in the ‘90s with the occasional eye on Nickelodeon got a gulp-inducing whiff of their own mortality recently, when pictures and video surfaced of the show’s long-forgotten Arizona ranch set. It’s still there, sort of, its abandoned buildings and trashed-out interiors a freestanding reminder that, yes, a television show was here once. But Hey Dude isn’t the only bit of pop culture that left its skeleton in place once shooting wrapped.

The Hey Dude Ranch (Outside Tucson, Arizona)

The abandoned “Bar None Ranch” came to the Internet’s attention thanks to Adam the Woo, a heavily-tatooed regular Joe who turns his visits to iconic pop culture locations into mirthful YouTube videos. But even his good cheer can’t crush the melancholy of these wrecked buildings, empty for more than 20 years now, on the grounds of the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. It’s almost like it’s a (wait for it!) ghost town or something.