The Torrid and Intriguing Tales of 10 Male Muses


Joe Dallesandro, muse of Andy Warhol

Gay icon and underground film superstar Joe Dallesandro met Andy Warhol when the pop art maven was shooting his 1967 movie Four Stars. The striking young man captured Warhol’s attention, and the artist cast him in the film. “In my movies, everyone’s in love with Joe Dallesandro,” Warhol later stated. The Warhol-produced Flesh won Dallesandro mainstream attention in 1968, spurring a film career for the once troubled boy from Queens. A frequent figure in the films of Paul Morrissey (including Morrissey’s Warhol trilogy, now a cult favorite), many would say Dallesandro was actually a Morrissey muse, but the actor’s Factory status keeps the spotlight firmly planted on Andy. Dallesandro has been immortalized in the works of Factory friend Lou Reed who wrote of the star in “Walk on the Wild Side.” He also graced album covers for The Rolling Stones and The Smiths.